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Order E500000
Post by  Luc Smets on 13 Nov 2012  | Posted under Eurocircuits Hits: 8469

Ordernumber E500000 reached on 12/11/2012

Twelve years after the start of Eurocircuits in 2000, we received order number 500000. That's a lot of orders we have processed online.

This is a good occasion to thank you all as loyal customers, and hope we can continue to serve you for a long time. We hope to come soon with the message that we reached order E1000000

Order number E500000 was placed by Page Electronics in Ieper, Belgium. Luc Page is one of our most loyal customers, working with Eurocircuits, and before that Europrint, ever since we started in 1991.

Luc can expect us Monday next week - this order we are going to deliver personally, and there will be more than just printed circuit boards in the box.

.... and the boards are delivered on Monday as expected, together with some bottles of Gouden Carolus, a famous beer from our local brewery in Mechelen ' Het Anker'. - Cheers Luc and Johan.

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