The eC-velo Challenger is our commitment to a sustainable transport solution. With a tricycle you have the option to drive on bycicle roads as well as on the main street. This velomobile is fully enclosed for protection from wind and rain. The aerodynamic shell is made of fiberglass reinforced epoxy, the same material we build our printed circuits from. We build the eC-velo challenger in our own factory in Eger, Hungary, by a small team of enthousiasts, working normal hours in the PCB production, but spending free time on the Challenger project.  Each Challenger is made with love and care, with focus on comfort, smooth ride, and stability. Inside the shell, the heart of Challenger is AZUB”s Tricon trike, the top of the line tricycle from AZUB ( The Challenger version of Tricon is slightly modified to fit in a velomobile (top steering, not foldable).



AZUB TRIcon 20, Frame set (frame, rear fork, extension tube, chain table)

Wheelbase 1110 mm – Width 830 mm – Seat height 310 mm

Colour black RAL 9005 – mat

Rear Shock DNM DV 22 165 mm, springs of different hardness

Shifting set 20″ 3×8 SH Alivio

Brake set TRIKE for SA hub – V-brake Tekro with parking brake



Material: Glass-fiber reinforced epoxy

Wiper kit for manual wiper
Operated from inside the cabin

Windscreen opening kit for side windows front
Enables to control the airflow in the cabin


Front lamp

4 Blinkers
2 front, 2 back


2 x rear view mirror


Battery 12V – 4,5 Ah
(For front-lamp, back-lamp, back-lamp, blinkers and USB charger)

Polycarbonate 2 mm –  scratch resistant


The ground clearance is adjustable
Minimum 60 mm  – Maximum 130 mm.
Total height  of 107 cm is with maximum
ground clearance.





Download eC-velo Challenger flyer

We delivery the eC-velo Challenger fully assembled, ready to ride. We have a limited production capacity of 4 units per month. If you want to get more information, or want to reserve your eC-velo Challenger, please contact us at If we don”t react immediately, it”s because we are enjoying a long ride in our Challengers.