Input data

Accepted data formats for PCB layout data are:


  • Gerber RS-274X (Extended Gerber with embedded apertures - developed by Gerber Systems)
  • DPF (Dynamic Process Format - developed by Ucamco NV)
  • Gerber RS-274D (Standard Gerber with a separate aperture file - developed by Gerber Systems)
  • Eagle .BRD file (CAD-data from CADsoft now Premier Farnell)

Artwork means all copper layers, soldermask and legend layers, board outline or mechanical layer, SMD paste layers,carbon layers, peel-off layers, etc.


  • Excellon (1 or 2) + appropriate tool list (ideally embedded)
  • Sieb&Meyer + appropriate tool list (ideally embedded)
  • Gerber format RS-274X or RS-274D (only true drill data, not a drill map)
  • DPF (only true drill data, not a drill map).

Articles about PCB layout data


Pictogram gerberfile

Data formats: RS-274D

Standard Gerber with separate aperture table

Pictogram extended gerber

Data formats: RS-274X

Extended Gerber, includes many high level commands and controls

pictogram DPF

Data formats: DPF

Dynamic Process format - part of Ucamco's Job database structure

Pictogram drill format

Drill formats: Excellon and Sieb&Meyer

Formats to drive CNC drilling and routing machines

Pictogram input format

Input data required

Data files needed for production of PCBs

Pictogram Eurocircuits preferance

Eurocircuits preferred data formats

Preferred data files for artwork and drilling

Pictogram file naming

File naming suggestions

File names that let us easily recognise the function of a layer

Pictogram Eagle

Cadsoft Eagle .brd to Gerber conversion guidelines

Layer conversion rules - how to generate Gerber files

Pictogram slots

Indicating slots and contours

Clear indication for a correct processing in production

Pictogram XY

X,Y coordinates - Decimal point and Zero suppression

Coordinate data, the bulk of information in Gerber files

Pictogram 10 rules

Ten rules to provide perfect data for PCB production

Based on our experience, this asks for your attention

Useful information for electronics engineers to prepare a PCB order

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