To check your data at this stage please Sign-in to your Eurocircuits account.


Select Shopping basket and then the check the box in the row of the PCB you wish to check and click the Modify button.


Alternatively, simple click on the word PCB Visualizer in the row of the PCB to be checked.

Shopping Basket

This will open the PCB Visualizer showing the PCB, select the PCB checker to view any data issues or conflicts.

PCB Checker with errors

If there are data issues you have 2 options, change the value in the PCB Configurator to match the measure data or modify you CAD data and upload the new data. In both instances the price quoted may change

To change the value in the PCB Configurator, select the parameter to change and either type a new value or select one available from the drop-down list.

Change Value

Here you can see that the Outer Layer Annular Ring measured in the data is smaller that defined in the PCB Configurator.

To upload new data click the Save changes button.

Save changes

When the pop-up window opens , click the Browse… button and select the new data to be loaded, then click Continue.

Add new data

Once the new data is loaded then it will be analysed by the PCB Visualizer to confirm it meets the parameters entered in the PCB Configurator, any issues will again be visible using the PCB checker.

After any modification always Save the changes by  clicking the Save changes button and then continue button as above.

If you don’t want to check the data, you can get an offer or proceed to checkout to place an order even if the PCB Visualizer status is still Processing.


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