Insulated Metal Substrate – IMS pool

More and more of our Eurocircuits customers are developing high-intensity LED, power conversion and automotive applications. Increasingly their designs need Insulated Metal Substrate boards for better heat dissipation management. Our response has been to create a new service offering all the benefits of our other order-pooling services for aluminium-backed PCBs.

What do you get?

  • Clear one smart page menu for fast ordering of ALU PCBs
  • 1 layer, from 1 piece onwards
  • Specially tested materials
  • Fully-finished with 1 solder-masks and 1 silk-screen
  • Lead-free HAL finish
  • Aluminium-backed material optimised for maximum heat-dissipation
  • 100% manufacturability check prior to production
  • Electrical test option
  • PCB Configurator to check and upload design parameters before pricing
  • PCB Visualizer and PCB Checker analysis before you place your order. (from your order basket)
    • Direct online price-calculation and ordering
    • No tooling charges
    • No minimum order charge

How to get prices and place orders?

  • Log in and go to Calculate and order/IMS pool.
  • Select Price calculator to enter all details manually or Analyse your data to get PCB Configurator to analyse your data and enter the design parameters into the Price calculator menu.
  • The menu displays the default values for the service.  If your design conforms to these values, just enter the number of boards and delivery that you need at the top of the page, plus the number of layers and the board size.  You will see the price requested and some alternative options at once.
  • If you need other options select what you need from the rest of the menu.  The smart menus will guide you towards optimum manufacturability and best price.
  • Attach files and place your order in the shopping basket.  The PCB Visualizer analysis starts running right away.  Open PCB Visualizer to check the results, and if everything is ok, checkout to place your order.

New user?

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You can calculate a price on our public price calculator, but to use the PCB Visualizer analysis and to place orders you need to sign up.

How do we keep IMS pool prices down?

Eurocircuits are specialist manufacturers of prototype and small batch PCBs. We are experts in order-pooling. Placing different orders on a standard production pooling panel minimizes set-up and production costs so you get good prices and no tooling charges. Because of the large numbers of orders we receive daily, we can offer a large number of technological options in our pooling services. We do a 100% check on your data before manufacture to make sure that you get the boards you want.

IMS pool service parameters

Number of layers


Maximum PCB dimension

580mm x 425mm (max. area 8.75dm2)

Minimum PCB dimension

5mm x 5mm

Base material

MOT=130°C, Tg100°C, >=2.0W/mK, CTI=600V, >=5kV, 0.50 K/W

Base material thickness

ALU 1.5mm, 100µm insulation

Base copper foil


Surface finish

Lead-free HAL

Soldermask type/colour

Pooled – White or Black

Non-Pooled – Green

Legend type/colour

White or Black

Min. track width/spacing


Min. finished hole size


Minimum outer layer pad diameter = finished hole size + listed value


Minimum copper to board-edge clearance

Routed – 0.250mm

V-cut – 0.450mm

Slots and cut-outs

Tool size – 2.0mm

Delivery panels (customer panels)

Break-routed with 2 mm tool or V-cut

Maximum customer panel

550 x 425mm (max. area 8.75dm2)

For larger – please request a quotation

Minimum customer panel

50mm x 50mm

Electrical test


UL marking

Not yet available

Stencil material

100µm and 130µm stainless steel

Maximum stencil size

595mm x 595mm

The IMS pool calculator starts with default settings, as described in this document

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