These are the IMS pool service Default Values that are loaded when you start the public IMS pool calculator.

You are able to change these values in the calculator to meet your requirements.

Number of Layers


Delivery Term5 days

PCB Dimension

100 x 80 mm

Single Board/ Panel

Single PCB

Base Material


Base Material Thickness


Base Copper Foil– Outer Layers


Surface Finish

HAL Lead-free

Soldermask Type/Colour

Liquid Photo Imageable on Top – White

Extra Options

Routed Contour

Legend Colour

Black  on Top

Track Width/Spacing


Finished Hole Size

<= 0.60 mm

Outer Annular Ring (OAR)


Recommended OAR is 0.300mm

Minimum copper to board-edge clearance – outer layers

0.250mm (routed)

Slots and Cut-outs

2.0mm tool

Delivery Panels

2.0mm break-routed

Electrical Test

not selected

UL Marking

not possible

Stencil Material

130µm Stainless Steel

Stencil Size

PCB Panel Dimensions + 20 mm on each side