Bare Board or Assembled PCB’s up to 16 Layers

Made in Europe

Eurocircuits’ STANDARD pool PCB manufacturing service covers most of your needs for standard PCB production with a single clear smart menu structure gives you immediate access to Eurocircuits’ wide range of pooling and non-pooling options.

The menu will flag non-poolable items, so that you can change them for lower cost pooling options where possible.

Pooling prices are based on panel-sharing. Non-pooling prices are based on a production panel specific to the option and the job.

Boards can be supplied as single circuits or panels.

The standard price matrix shows alternative (lower-cost) quantities and deliveries, or set your own custom matrix. If your requirements are not covered, use Place inquiry to send your data to our engineers for evaluation.

What’s Available

  • Bare Board or Assembled PCB’s
  • Bare Board PCB’s in 5 Working or Assembled PCB’s in 5 Working Days
  • Up to 16 Layers
  • 100µm Track & Gap pooled – 90 µm Non-pooled
  • 2 Soldermasks and 1 or 2 Legends/Silkscreens
  • Lead-free Finishes: Electroless Gold over Nickel or Lead-free HAL pooled – Immersion Silver Non-pooled
  • FR-4 – RoHS Compliant Material Optimised for Lead-free Soldering (see also our blog about materials and lead-free soldering)
  • Standard Buildups (pooled) or Predefined Non-pooled Builds Available (Specials after evaluation)
  • Wide Range of Options Available
  • No Tooling Charges
  • No Minimum Order Charge.
  • 100% Manufacturability Check Prior to Production
  • PCB Configurator to check and upload design parameters before pricing
  • PCB Checker to analyses your data before you place your order
  • BOM and CPL analysis

Assembled PCBs

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STANDARD pool Service Parameters

Number of Layers

Pooled: 0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 

Non-Pooled: 10, 12, 14, 16

Maximum PCB Dimension

500mm x 425mm  for ML

580mm x 425mm for 0L, 1L and 2L

Minimum Dimension

5mm x 5mm for PCB’s

50mm x 50mm for Panels

Base Material Tg=150°C (pooled)

FR4 Improved

Base Material high Tg (Non-pooled)

Isola 370HR

Board Thickness for 0, 1 and 2 Layers

Pooled – 1.00 mm, 1.55m & 2.40mm

Non-Pooled – Others available in the online calculator

Board Thickness for Multilayers

Pooled – 1.00mm (4 layers only)

Pooled – 1.55mm (6, 8,10, 12, 14 & 16 Layers)

Non-Pooled – Others available in the online calculator

Base Copper Foil – 1 Layer

Pooled – 18µm/½oz, 35µm/1oz, 70µm/2oz

Non-Pooled – Others available in the online calculator

Base Copper Foil – 2 layers

Pooled – 12µm/⅓oz, 18µm/½oz, 35µm/1oz, 70µm/2oz

Non-Pooled – Others available in the online calculator

Base Copper Foil –  Inner Layers

Pooled – 18µm/½oz, 35µm/1oz

Non-Pooled – Others available in the online calculator

Surface Finish

Pooled – Lead-free for best price, ENIG, LF HAL

Semi-Pooled – IM Ag

Soldermask Type/Colour

Pooled – Green, Blue, Black, White, Red, PixtureBlackWhite

Non-Pooled – Transparent

Extra Options

Pooled – Peelable Mask, Via Filling, Heatsink Paste 

Semi-Pooled – Gold Edge Connectors

Non-Pooled – Carbon pads

Legend Type/Colour

Pooled – White on one or both sides

Non-Pooled – Black & White PIL

Min. Track Width/Spacing

Pooled – 0.100mm

Non-Pooled – 0.090mm

Min. Finished Hole Size

PTH – 0.100mm

NPTH – 0.200mm

Non-Pooled – others available in the online calculator

Minimum Outer Layer Pad Diameter = Finished Hole Size + listed Value

PTH – 0.300mm

NPTH – 0.200mm

Minimum Inner Layer Pad Diameter = Finished Hole Size + listed Value

PTH – 0.350mm

NPTH – 0.250mm

Minimum Copper to Board-edge Clearance – Outer Layers

Routed – 0.250mm

V-cut – 0.450mm

Minimum Copper to Board-edge Clearance– Inner Layers

Routed – 0.400mm

V-cut – 0.450mm

Extra Copper Features

Copper up to Edge

Plated Holes on Edge

Round-edge Plating

Slots and Cut-outs

Tool Sizes – 0.5, 1.2, & 2.0mm

Delivery Panels

Break-routed with 2 mm Tool or V-cut

Maximum Customer Panel that can be eC-compatible

350 x 250mm

Minimum Customer Panel that can be eC-comaptible

50 x 50 mm


Standard Buildups:

Pooled; 8 eC-predefined Builds

Non-Pooled – Specials including Blind and Buried Vias

Electrical Test

Standard on all Boards from 2L on – option for 1L

UL Marking


Stencil Material

100µm and 130µm Stainless Steel

Maximum Stencil Size

595 x 595 mm

The Standard pool calculator starts with Default Values, as described in this article

STANDARD pool Assembly Service Parameters

Number of Component Layers

1 or 2


1 PCB and up

Delivery Terms

10 working days (5 for manufacture and 5 for assembly)

Maximum PCB Dimensions

5mm x 5mm

Maximum Customer Panel

326mm x 426mm

Assembly Type

SMT – single or double sided

THT – single or double sided

SMT + THT Mixed Technology – single or double sided


Passive Components  – 0201 and higher

Active Components – from 0,35mm pitch

BGA – 0,4mm pitch and above

Solder Alloy

Basis SAC 305 Sn 96,5 Ag3 Cu 0,5 lead-free

Solderpaste Stencil

Laser cut

(included in the assembly cost – not delivered with the assembled boards)

Component Sourcing

All Components Sourced by Eurocircuits

(Components not sourceable by Eurocircuits can be supplied by the customer)

Quality Inspection

Visual inspection

Solderpaste Inspection (SPI)

BGA Placement

X-ray Inspection