Bow and Twist in printed circuits

What is Bow and Twist? According to the IPC-A-600 standard bow and twist (flatness of the board) is : “Flatness of printed boards is determined by two characteristics of the product; these are known as bow and twist. The bow condition is characterized by a roughly cylindrical or spherical curvature of the board while its […]

Plating Simulation – our New Tool for PCB Designers

A simulation of the galvanic copper deposition in PCB manufacturing Before we manufacture a PCB, we carefully analyse the data we receive to catch any potential production issues which may affect the quality and the long-term reliability of the finished product. Any issues we find are reported back to the customer for discussion and resolution. […]

BINDI pool – Eurocircuits’ Asian alternative – spot on for you!

“BINDI pool” – Eurocircuits” Asian alternative with European assured quality Do you need medium-volume 2-layer PCBs – up to 12 sq.m (roughly 1600 circuits 100 x 80 mm)? Do you need Asian prices with European assured quality and delivery, plus European shipping rates and no customs delays? If so, you need Eurocircuits” new BINDI pool. […]

Elsyca Intellitool Matrix plating project

Eurocircuits”role in the project sets a new competitive standard Making efficient pooling panels belongs to the core business of Eurocircuits. It is a necessity to ensure cost-effective production of prototypes or small batches. Eurocircuits started as a trader of printed circuit boards in 1991. Soon after, in 1993 we got involved in production. It has […]

Through hole component soldering with the eC-reflow mate

PIP (Pin in Paste) technology for soldering trough hole components PIP is a technology for assembling through hole components using a conventional reflow soldering process. The process is also known as THTR (Through Hole Technology Reflow). Most PCB”s that contain SMD components usually also contain some through hole components, such as connectors, switches, capacitors and […]

Lean production project in Eurocircuits Kft – Eger – Hungary

Why lean production? Our main target is reducing waste (time is a major waste) in the production and better (faster) serve our customers. The first step – “clear the clouds” We first needed to learn to see the real nature of our production processes. We learn to look through “lean glasses” to recognise the biggest […]