PCB Visualizer update 12/12/2012

Corrections and enhancements made in PCB Visualizer -PCB Checker

  • PCB Visualizer can now  make distinction between stackup not found and stackup uncertain.
  • If import failed, calculated drill values are not reported anymore ( because the measurements are not reliable).
  • PCB Visualizer now reports when no drill layers are found for PCBs with more than 1 copper layer.
  • New measurement and report : measured drill hole density

Open house in our production facility in Eger, Hungary

At the end of November our factory in Eger, Hungary organized an ’Open house’ for our Hungarian customers.

About 50 visitors were welcomed by Gabor Wachter, the managing director of Eurocircuits Kft. starting the day with a warm welcome and the details of the program.

Jozsef Lengyel, our technology manager gave a detailed presentation on how pcb”s are manufactured in Eger.

After that Jozsef Bahul explained how our design guidelines can help electronic engineers to optimise their layouts for easier production and higher reliability.

We took this occasion to present PCB Visualizer and PCB Checker for the first time in Hungary.

After two hours of presentations we guided our guests through a factory tour, where they could continuously fire their questions at our technology experts. Next to the pcb production process, also the stencil cutting was shown and explained.

Our customers showed a good interest also in the eC-prototype equipment during the live demo.

More questions came after the tour, during the coffee and sandwich break. Judging by the reactions, our visitors found it an interesting day.

A stressful day for our Hungarian team, time for a group picture.

Announcement on adafruit.com and dangerousprototypes.com

PCB Visualizer is announced on  www.adafruit.com  and www.dangerousprototypes.com as ” Free online data verification service”

Read the adafruit announcement here 

Read the dangerousprototypes announcement here 

Elektor news – Check your pcb design before ordering

Elektor announces the PCB Visualizer service for their Elektor/CircuitCellar PCB Service.

According to Elektor : “No other company provides you the same service for a lower price, so why not make the Elektor CircuitCellar PCB Service your standard PCB Service?”

Read the article here

PCB Visualizer update 27/11/2012

PCB Visualizer – PCB Checker  update and extended functionality

  • Do not add the internally generated ImageOutline layer to the layer list. Correct the number of imported layers.

  • Do not split the drill layers in plated and unplated versions in the layer list.

  • Corrected broken help link

  • Added support for different units (mm and mil)

  • Correct translation of table headers

  • Added update link to old Eagle format import remark

  • The Visualizer tree now by default opens all items that need to be checked.

  • Improved the reporting to avoid inconsistencies due to rounding

  • Removed SMD pitch

  • Better handling of single layer jobs

  • Introduced tab pages for the different functional modules

For more information about this extended functionality, see the Eurocircuits blog : “PCB Visualizer – PCB Checker update 27-11-2012

PCB Visualizer update 14/11/2012

PCB Visualizer update and extended functionality in PCB Checker

  • Improved import remarks in case of Eagle v6 files to avoid false errors about the buildup.

  • Added Minimum hole to hole distance check

  • Added Overlapping drill check

  • Added Embedded drill check

  • Added support for German language

  • Corrected display of annular ring issues that were displayed with incorrect tool diameters.

PCB Checker shown at Electronica November 13 till 16

PCB Checker – the next level of PCB designer support.

At Electronica 2012 Eurocircuits launch PCB Checker, the latest update to their highly praised PCB Visualizer PCB data verification software tool.PCB Checker takes PCB Visualizer’s pre-order design rule check (DRC) to the next level. It provides a graphic display of the DRC results directly on your PCB layout.

Using PCB Checker’s clear menus and displays you can immediately filter the errors and view each type, stepping through from worst first. Correct your design data to enhance the manufacturability of your PCBs and to make sure that they fit into our lowest cost pooling service. You save time, you save money, and you save a frustrating search.

PCB Checker and PCB Visualizer allow you to check your designs prior to placing your order, using automated tools otherwise only available in professional front-end engineering software. You can place your pre-checked order confident that the data-set is complete and correct to the order and that your design data matches the most cost-effective of our pooling services. – Read more on the Eurocircuits blog 

PCB Checker release 24/10/2012

A new module for PCB Visualizer: PCB Checker

A free online data verification service. PCB Checker shows any design rule issue detected on your layout. The issues are shown on the board layout.

More info about PCB Checker 

See also on the Eurocircuits blog : PCB Visualizer very much appreciated – but you want more

PCB Visualizer update 18/09/2012

PCB Visualizer Update – extended functionality

  • Allow the display of multiple layers in the Buildup view. Hold the CTRL key while selecting a layer to add or remove from the current list of layers displayed. Does not apply in combination with Top View and Bottom View.