Agoria Solar Team

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a biannual competition for solar vehicles,

Starting in Darwin the vehicles must  traverse 3021 kilometers through the Australian outback and finish in Adelaide.

More than 50 teams from over the entire world take part, and the Agoria Solar Team is one of the teams that aims at the coveted first place.

The Belgium Agoria Solar Team consists of 19 motivated engineering students from the KU Leuven.

They have dedicated two years of their lives to building the fastest and most efficient solar vehicle to meet this challenge.

Thanks to Eurocircuits

Being a team that consists of students, the solar car would never exist without the help of our many great partners.

Eurocircuits is one of them, supplying the team with the PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards) that drive all the electronics in the car.

The BluePoint, our newest solar car, has seven small modules, all interconnected by a shared CAN bus.

Each module is responsible for a specific task, such as one module that is entirely responsible for the steering wheel.

They are separated to make the system modular and easy to upgrade.

As reliability is crucial during the race through Australia, the PCB’s have to be of the highest possible quality.

This is why the team uses Eurocircuits’ circuit boards as a base for the modules.

The soldering of the components is done by hand and the reliability of the modules is further improved by encapsulating them in 3D printed enclosures.

This protects the circuit boards from dust and harsh conditions in the Australian desert.

The modules are also coated with conformal coating, further protecting the low voltage systems from dust or moisture.

The last team finished at a magnificent third place, so the expectations for our car are high. The whole team is super motivated and believes we could have a winning solar car on our hands.

We are thankful for partners like Eurocircuits, who made the development of this car possible .

For more information please visit the Agoria Solar Team website.