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Since 2014, ARUS has been a humble team from the south of Europe formed by students of the University of Seville which dedicate their time and passion to one of the things they love the most, motorsport. During the most part of the history the team has had highs and lows, but we always go forward and overcome the challenges this world of motorsport puts in our way.

Since the start of the team in 2014, the electronics department has learned with the pass of the years and, since the birth of the ART18e, the first Electric car of our history they had to go a step forward to develop all the security systems the rules of Formula Student impose to compete. This car was never allowed to race, until this year…

This year we are having the strongest PCBs design of our history, the best BMS system of our history, the best security and isolation systems of all time in the team and that is thanks to Eurocircuits. With the help of Eurocircuits and all their tools to validate our design in the web, we got the best quality designs of our history and we honestly think that without them it could not be possible.


Our most improved system is the BMS, but there are several systems which have been updated too, like Dashboard Controller, TSAL system, IMD system, etc.



For more information, please visit our website arusteam

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