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Insight Technology – Layer to Layer Registration Tolerances

Definition of Tolerance for Manufacturing Manufacturing tolerances are the amount of variation that is allowed in a measurement or other characteristic of an object. Ref: Collins English Dictionary We continue with our series on Understanding Tolerances on a PCB with our latest guide: Layer to Layer Registration Tolerances The accuracy of layer to layer registration […]


New! – DEFINED IMPEDANCE pool   We are very pleased to announce the introduction of our new fast & competitively priced solution for DEFINED IMPEDANCE PCB’s. Our DEFINED IMPEDANCE pool service is designed for PCB’s that require a specific impedance for specific tracks. There is an online calculator to help you to define the correct […]

5 Days Delivery as Standard

New and exciting update to our standard delivery terms for our STANDARD, IMS & RF pool services. 5 Days Delivery as Standard   Our pooling efficiency now allows us to offer you a standard 5 working days delivery for the same price as 7 working days for your Prototypes and Small Series PCB’s.    

eC-reflow-mate v4 Promotion

eC-reflow-mate v4 Promotion   Have you ever needed to build a prototype PCB at the last minute, the first one failed but you’ve identified the problem and with a small manual modification to the circuit on your spare PCB you could prove it works! The problem is soldering the components to the PCB, you could […]

Eurocircuits Introduces – PCB Prototype 3+3 Service

Eurocircuits Introduces – PCB Prototype 3+3 Service   Eurocircuits understands that Time-to-Market is crucial for developers as they need to meet shorter lead-times to maximise the potential of their new products. Since the beginning of 2019 we have developed and introduced new software, manufacturing processes and equipment that allows us to reduce the manufacturing and […]

PCB Design & Manufacturing Live – Update

    Dear sir/madam, Have you registered yet? Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet industry specialists and your peers to discuss technologies from traditional-sized PCB’s to small wearables boards. Come along and have face-to-face discussion to help you solve a design engineering problem, that’s what the PCB Design & Manufacturing Live is all about. […]