Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE) is a student rocket society, currently aiming to retake the European altitude for student-built rockets. To do this, we are making Stratos III, the next flagship rocket of DARE to launch in July 2018.

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With a great rocket, must come great electronics. To retake the altitude record and recover useful data, it is essential we can seperate the nose cone with the electronics and payloads, and deploy the drogue and main parachute, so it will have a safe descent to the ground.

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In the nose cone we have the flight-computer, which gathers and stores a lot of data from different sensors, and communicates with the ground station. It is a stack of PCBs that we are now designing and testing. One such PCB from the stack is the Recovery Board, which will drive the wire-cutters used for stage separation, and to drive the valve of the drogue chute. It does this based on the state and altitude of the rocket.

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As a student team, we design the electronics ourselves, so that we can gain an invaluable amount of experience, especially for those who study Electrical Engineering. All the data we gather will be used to improve on the design of our current rockets, and to maintain the altitude record in years to come. Doing all of this would be impossible without Eurocircuits, and for that we would like to thank Eurocircuits, for the continued support they have given us.

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Their fast delivery times and faultless PCB production allow for rapid prototyping, which will make us ready for the launch in July 2018.

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Last revised 22/12/2017

by Jillis Noordhoek

DARE Electronics

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Jesse Hummel
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Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering 
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