Buy EAGLE Version 6 and upgrade to Version 7 for FREE + a PCB order discount of 30 Euro netto

CadSoft’s EAGLE software is one of the most popular CAD packages in the market today.  Whether you are an experienced PCB designer or looking for your first CAD package, EAGLE CAD is easy to learn and easy to use.  It offers powerful PCB design solutions, including Schematic Capture, Board Layout and Auto router, all at affordable prices.  Thanks to a full range of support options, switching to EAGLE is fast into use and stress-free.  Find out more.

Watch the EAGLE introductory video.

Switch to EAGLE offer.

EAGLE V7 will be released in July, but you can start getting the benefits of EAGLE right away.  Purchase EAGLE V6 before the V7 launch date and you will get V7 for FREE as soon as it is released. On top of that you can still profit from our Eurocircuits 2014 EAGLE campaign and receive in your Eurocircuits customer account a PCB order discount key of 30 Euro netto to be used with your next PCB order. Terms here.

Order EAGLE V6 from Eurocircuits here.

V7 – new features

  • Hierarchical schematic design, which allows the designer to create structured schematic drawings.  The top sheet  can contain module boxes representing parts of the schematic.
  • Improvement of the autorouter: A new router algorithm pre-routes the layout.  The result is smoother tracking with fewer angles.
  • Support for multi-core processors. This will allow EAGLE  to route simultaneously several jobs (with different settings).

Eurocircuits and EAGLE.

We have worked with CadSoft over the last 5 – 6 years to integrate EAGLE into our workflow.  EAGLE users can upload the .BRD data files directly into PCB Visualizer without the need for conversion.  Designers can download free EAGLE DRU files from our website.  These come with built-in component libraries to speed your design process, as well as design rule parameters based on our order-pooling services.  Use these parameters and you can be confident that your design has the optimum price – and will go into production without any delays caused by data issues.

EAGLE V7 upgrade offer terms and conditions, defined by CadSoft Computer GmbH.