Why would we develop a solderstation?

During our recent seminars on reflow soldering we had many questions about hand soldering as well. Of course there are many good hand soldering systems in the market today. But we would like to offer a soldering station designed specifically to meet the requirements of our prototype PCB customers. This will complement our eC-reflow-mate and give you a complete solution for soldering most components onto your board. Having our own hand soldering tool will also make our training sessions and seminars on soldering technology and practice that much more comprehensive.

What do we expect from a good solderstation?

  • quick heat-up and recovery
  • easy to swap tips for different jobs
  • availability of a good range of tips and nozzles
  • good ergonomics
  • automatic shut-off.
  • possibility to solder leadfree at lower temperatures to increase the lifetime of your products

These are all part of the development plans for the eC-solderstation. Have we missed anything? If there are other features which you judge to be important please add them in the Comments section below.

How will your next eC-solderstation look like?

As many electronics engineers have their private lab or work from their office, we know it”s important what the new tool looks like. We contacted a design office to work out some concepts based on our ideas. We would like you as users to choose the concept you want us to develop further. Some concepts will be more challenging than others to realise, but that will not stop us trying.

Here are the concept drawings: