eC-workshop – Belgium March 22, 2012

Eurocircuits are organizing a workshop on using the eC-reflow-equipment for the reflow soldering of SMD PCB prototypes.

Already 160 Eurocircuits customers throughout Europe are using our eC-reflow-equipment, the eC-stencil-mate and the eC-reflow-mate. Let us convince you of the ease of use, the quality and the reliability of our equipment at a dedicated hands-on workshop on SMD reflow soldering using our equipment.

The workshop is free. It will take place at 10:30 on 22nd March, hosted by our reflow soldering partner “ARCOSS” at Looiend 60 – 2470 Retie -Belgium

Specialists from Eurocircuits and ARCOSS on the eC-reflow-equipment and SMD reflow soldering will be on hand to demonstrate the equipment and to answer all your questions on the reflow soldering of surface-mounted devices.

To register for this event or to request additional information complete this form.

Registration for the workshop will close on 15 March or earlier if the maximum number of attendees is reached before this date. In this case we will arrange a second workshop on a later date.

More detailed information on our eC-reflow -equipment can be viewed here.