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Eco-Runner Team Delft is a multidisciplinary student team from the Delft University of Technology and we have been representing the TU Delft at the Shell Eco-marathon for years. By building the world’s most efficient hydrogen powered city car and promoting hydrogen as part of the energy transition, Eco-Runner Team Delft wants to contribute to a sustainable future.

Our new Eco-Runner XI team consists of 23 students with a sustainable vision, who dedicate a full year to building the most efficient hydrogen powered city car. This year we will compete in the Urban Concept class competition of the Shell Eco-Marathon. To be able to get the best performances we will design and build a car from scratch. This includes optimising all the electronics and pcb’s for the best efficiencies.

The electronic systems are making use of Eurocircuits printed circuit boards. We will make a smart steering wheel with computers, controls, a gps, a display and a wireless connection to get all the data we need from the car. This functionality will be embedded in the steering wheel pcb.
Collecting the data from the Eco-Runner XI will be done by multiple pcb’s. It will give us detailed information about our car which will help the engineers to further increase the efficiency of the vehicle.

Another important part of our car is the powertrain. The fuel cell converts the hydrogen into electricity. To get the best performance out of the car, we will temporarily store the electricity before it gets to the motor. With the help of Eurocircuits pcb’s, we will be able to design a reliable and efficient transmission from hydrogen to the forces from our wheels onto the road.

As our car is slowly coming together, we are looking forward to the coming year with all the challenges ahead. But there’s one thing we know for sure, with Eurocircuits’ craftsmanship and expertise we can bring the pcb’s to life.

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