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KISS LoRa gadget – last remaining pieces – get one now!

The exhibition gadgets, KISS LoRa, are running out.


Keep It Simple Stupid, Long Range Low Power cloud communication application, in short, “KISS LoRa”, is this years’ exhibition gadget.

KISS LoRa is a wireless sensor/actuator platform with IoT-functionality. During E&A2017, 30th of May till 1st of June, you can discover how the gadget is produced on a live running production line.

Getting your hands on one is only possible when you register for a free entry ticket for the exhibition via this link, and personally visit the show.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and ever interesting show.

Still in doubt to visit? Check out the seminars held during the show!

Every exhibition day morning, you can choose to visit one of three seminars held in a professional seminar room by subject specialists. Check it out here!

We hope to welcome you during Electronics & Applications in Utrecht, Hall 7, booth F079.

Kind regards,

Matthieu Samain