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  • Free gadget – limited availability

Visit the E&A exhibition without entry fee

Eurocircuits customers can already register for a free entry ticket via this link.

Challenging exhibition gadget – only early birds can get one!

The amount of exhibition gadgets, KISS LoRa, is limited


An enthusiastic group of FHI-members of the branch Industrial Electronics have created an interesting exhibition gadget, “KISS LoRa”.

KISS LoRa is a wireless sensor/actuator platform with IoT-functionality. During E&A2017 you can discover how the gadget is produced on a live running production line.

Reserve your gadget now via this link, then one week from now, all will be able to register and reserve a gadget which could lead to shortage and you missing out on this opportunity.

We hope to welcome you end of May.

Kind regards,

Matthieu Samain