The 23rd of May 2016 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our company.

The journey started 25 years ago in a dark pub in the center of Mechelen, Belgium, where Luc and Dirk shared the dream to start their own company. The Belgian beer gave them the courage to do so.

In 1991 Luc visited Hungary with nothing more than this courage and was lucky to meet the right people at the right time with the right spirit. We want to thank all these people that contributed to the successful company we are today.

We do have something to celebrate. In 25 years we built a company that generates a yearly turnover of more than 20 million euro. More than 300 families in Europe and India depend on our operation for their daily income. More than 10.000 customers place orders with us every year, we target to process 100.000 orders this year. And all this in an industry in crisis, where the majority of the companies from 25 years ago do not exist anymore.

This proves the success of our strategy, the quality of our teams and the flexibility of our organisation.

We are ready to continue our journey and explore further opportunities in the future.


To remember this 25th anniversary milestone, we have cut our name in the stone of a CNC drilling machine that served us 25 years long, and was only recently taken out of production.

At the same time of celebrating our 25th aniversary we could officialy op our new building.

For some years we felt the need to increase the production surface in Hungary. Finally in 2013 the decision was made and  started the project. After planning, organizing the location and all the permissions, we contracted with Aktual Bau, who also built our existing building in 2004. The construction started in july, 2015 and was finished last month.

The building is a part of our 4M€ investment project 2015-2016. With it, we created extra space to expand and serve our customers with a broader pallet of services.




We had the pleasure to share these happy moments with our European staff who joined us in Eger Hungary from the 20th till the 22nd of May.

Some impressions are bundled in this short movie.