Thank you for your visit and time at our booth at the Electronics Design show this year.


Although an excellent introduction, as your Eurocircuits sales contact I would like to make sure that you have all the information you need about our company and our services.

What can Eurocircuits offer?

We are specialist manufacturers of prototype and small batch PCBs. Our goal is to help you speed up your product cycle and keep costs down by offering comprehensive added-value services with online pricing and ordering. Over the last 15 years we have developed a lean business model that delivers to our customers a wide range of PCB technologies fast, reliable and at low cost. For a full list of these services see the attached specification or go to

Low costs

To ensure low prices without compromising quality or delivery we use order-pooling (or “panel-sharing”) technology, that is, we combine orders from several customers on a single standard production panel. This keeps production costs down and we don’t have to charge for tooling or set-up.

Get prices and place orders fast

To access our full range of online services, go to the Price calculator on our home page You can get a price and place an order immediately. Alternatively send me the Gerber data to quote for you.

Reliable quality

  • We are not brokers: all boards are manufactured in our own ISO 9000 approved factories in Germany and Hungary or for our new service BINDI pool in our new factory in India.
  • All finished boards are given their own “passport” or Certificate of Conformity listing their manufacturing history, materials used and inspection stages they have passed.

Fast reliable deliveries

  • We offer deliveries from 2 days.
  • In 2014 we shipped 78,000 orders. More than 98% were delivered on or ahead of time.
  • Our online service means no delays in getting prices or placing orders.

Comprehensive technical support – cuts costs, saves time

  • Check your data prior to order using our online PCB Visualizer and Checker. Is the data correct to the order and the design? Are there features that will delay production or push up the cost? An online pre-order check can save 1 – 2 days on time-critical deliveries.
  • We check all boards 100% for manufacturability before production with clear feedback where required.
  • Send us your data prior to order and we will run a full Design For Manufacturability check. Small changes that cut board costs up to 25%
  • Use our online price calculator to get the best combination of technology, delivery and price
  • Our 22 page PCB Design Guidelines outlines best practice to reduce costs and avoid delays to manufacture.
  • Visit our website for technical white papers and blogs on many aspects of PCB design and manufacturing.

Prototype assembly

Manual assembly of SMDs is a time-consuming and fiddly process. Most sub-contract assembly houses are not interested in prototype or small batch quantities unless there are guaranteed volume orders to follow. We have developed benchtop reflow equipment which allows you to assemble SMD boards quickly and cost-effectively in-house. Using our eC-stencil-mate printer and eC-reflow-mate oven, users tell us that they can cut manual SMD assembly times by up to 70%.

  • Smart online menus for pricing and ordering provide real-time guidance on reducing costs and improving manufacturability. NEW: PCB PIXture your graphic design on your board.
  • PCB Visualizer analyses your Gerber data even before you get a price. It flags any issues which might delay delivery and then fills in the pricing parameters for you automatically.
  • eC-stencil provided by the same data used for the PCB production ensuring accurate solder paste printing and is delivered together with the PCB.
  • RF pool to specialise in cost effective RF PCB manufacture.
  • IMS pool increasing in popularity, Insulated Metal substrates are a key material in the LED lighting industry.
  • eC-equipment specially designed to aid the population of prototypes and small series PCBs: NEW: eC-placer.
  • eC-consumables allow a one stop shop to produce your PCB’s.

If you have any questions please call me on 07794 906982.

And don’t forget to use your discount voucher.