Eurocircuits integrates EAGLE CAD software

Eurocircuits have been appointed pan-European Value-Added Reseller for CadSoft’s EAGLE PCB design software. Now you can buy EAGLE CAD software licences and upgrades directly from our website on your Eurocircuits account – no need to set up new accounts and payment procedures. How?




Why do we offer a CAD package?

We want to offer our customers more than just a top quality prototype and small batch PCB service. We want to help them speed up their development cycle and get their products to the market faster. The key to this is integration. We want to provide the tools for an integrated workflow from design to assembled product. Whether you are a prototype designer or a small batch manufacturer, an integrated workflow will deliver faster product development with less risk of error and lower costs.

Downstream we have integrated our PCB and stencil products with reflow soldering. This is already showing benefits. Customers report that using our bench-top stencil printer they can cut assembly time by up to 75%. In particular the eC-registration system aligns the board and stencil fully automatically, cutting out the time-consuming manual alignment needed on traditional printers. Our bench-top reflow oven completes the process.

A CAD package allows us to integrate upstream.


Because it has proved itself over the last 20 years to be one of the most popular CAD packages around. It is easy to learn, easy to use and affordable. It has a powerful range of functions and proven support. Find out more



What is EAGLE Integration?

We have been working closely with CadSoft for the last two years or so. It is already possible to upload EAGLE BRD data files directly into our system without the need for conversion. You can already use EAGLE design rule check templates (DRU files) to help you keep board costs down. Each DRU file reflects the specifications of one of our pooling services so you can make sure that your board fits the most cost-effective one.

Now in EAGLE V6 a new “PCB quote” button takes integration one step further. It directly enters the job parameters from EAGLE into our price calculators at the click of a mouse. To get a price or place an order all you need to type in is the number of boards you need and how quickly you want them. Board size, number of layers, material thickness, copper weights etc are all entered automatically from EAGLE. If you have used an Eurocircuits DRU file you will also know that your design fits perfectly into your chosen pooling service. See how it works.

Launch Discount

To launch this new service we are offering a discount key worth €30 against a Eurocircuits PCB order if you buy an EAGLE licence from us between now and 31 May 2012.


See the full * terms and conditions of the offer.




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