Your designs are electronic applications, which you would like to build. Our goal is to help you to do this, right first time.

Virtually simulating the production, allows us both to examine future results before we physically build anything thus saving time and money.

Until recently our PCB Visualizer tool allowed you to do all of this, for the bare board.

We have now taken this philosophy one production step further, and are presenting our new PCB Assembly Visualizer. Visualizing the components on the bare board allows a whole new set of Design Rule Checks and Design for Manufacturability checks.


The help we offer is called PCB Assembly Visualizer. It contains:

  • A database of verified components
  • A set of visual online tools:
    • BOM-editor analyses your components
    • CPL-editor places your components on the bare board


We have prepared a video with a demo session that will clarify all these issues for you.


We are convinced, that if your design is processed through our PCB Visualizer and PCB Assembly Visualizer, thus offering you a validated BOM and CPL, the access to Electronic Manufacturing Services for your prototypes and small series, will be easier.

Unnecessary overheads are avoided and machine setup times are shortened, allowing EMS companies to make money with smaller orders, which will be better affordable for designer customers.

Our aim is not to manage all components but to do so for the current components. Our Indian team of engineers started to build the database, currently based on BOM-lists that our beta-test customers are uploading. Each time a new part is selected, from a supplier databases that we can access, the part description and footprint are verified and added to our database. We are not looking for all possible parts, as we do not want to build a historic database of components, but a database of components that are currently being used by our customers. The number of orders, passing daily through our systems, guarantees that our database will have the potential to grow rapidly.

Until now our customers are used to only supply us the bare board data. We invite all to participate in our beta process and to upload the BOM and CPL files together with the bare board data. This option will be available until we have reached our daily capacity for BOM processing. Participating in this beta phase will assure that your BOM and CPL specifics will be covered by our system, once we deploy it and that your components are verified and are in our database. Our engineers will analyse your BOM list and add all missing parts and footprints to our database. After analyses, the PCB Assembly Visualizer will be available in your online customer account, in the running orders section. You can then view your PCB including components and all DRC results.


Your PCBA prototypes and small series, right first time, is our goal!