We are delighted to inform you that we have recently appointed Claudio Cardoso Guardao as Customer Support Engineer Spain and Portugal, working out of our headquarters in Mechelen, Belgium.

We have a rapidly expanding number of customers in Spain and Portugal, and we were very fortunate to be able to add Claudio to our support team. He is a native speaker of Portuguese who is also fluent in Spanish, French and English. He joins us with three years’ experience of international customer support, based here in Belgium. He has already spent time in our factories in Germany and Hungary to learn how we make PCBs.

If you check our online blogs, you will see that Claudio has started to translate recent technical blogs into both Spanish and Portuguese, for example on the new PCB PIXture tool. This is part of our drive to provide all our customers with easy access to the technical and online tools they need to bring their designs to market on time and on budget.

You can contact Claudio via our online chat service, by email at claudio.guardao@eurocircuits.com or by phone on +32 15 28 16 38.

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