eC-placer – camera-assisted manual pick and place machine

The new eC-placer provides a precision PCB assembly solution at a price suited to prototypes and small series.

Users of our eC-stencil-mate solder-paste printer and eC-reflow-mate reflow oven report significant savings in time and cost. eC-placer boosts these savings to give yet more help to designers in bringing their projects to market on time and on budget.

eC-placer delivers fast precision placement:

  • Robust construction for accuracy, repeatability and long life
  • Ergonomic operation to maximize productivity and minimize operator fatigue
  • Fast set-up with up to 23 adjustable feeders for component tapes and sticks
  • High-definition USB camera
  • Vacuum pick-up head with interchangeable nozzles and built-in vacuum pump
  • Four functional modes for speed and accuracy
    • Free mode: head can move freely over the whole table
    • Lock mode: locks the head at desired location avoiding accidental movement when lowering or rotating the component
    • Array mode: limits one axis to place a row of components quickly and precisely
    • Copy-paste mode: uses the printer stencil as a template to place accurately BGAs and other components difficult to place by sight.

See eC-placer in action in the video in our BLOG

See the full eC-placer specification here

eC-equipment new products discount deal

Order an eC-placer or eC-test-mate either combined in a single order with each other or with an eC-stencil-mate, an eC-reflow-mate, an eC-preheater or an eC-fume-cube and we will give a 10% discount on these and any other “Off-the-shelf” items that are checked out at the same time (as one order). Place your order online and the total price on a qualifying order will automatically reflect the discount.

The discount scheme will remain active from 1-12-2015 till 31-01-2016.

eC-Xmas tree for 2015 uses 20 RGB LEDs

It has become a Christmas tradition that Eurocircuits design a programmable tree to brighten up the darker days of the year end. For 2015 we have gone multi-colour. Create your own exclusive Christmas experience using the 20 RGB LEDs of the Eurocircuits eC-Xmas-tree and your imagination.

  • Assemble the tree – no soldering needed.
  • Download free animations from the Eurocircuits website, or create your own online using the simple animations editor.
  • Publish your best animations and invite family and friends to view and like them. We will show the animations that receive the most likes on our website for others to download onto their own eC-Xmas-trees and spread your Christmas cheer far and wide.

Order your eC-Xmas-tree here.

See the 2015 eC-Xmas-tree in action with assembly and programming guides here.

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