New exception handling speeds throughput

We have always run 100% pre-production checks on customer data. That way we can be sure you will get the board you want on the day you want it.

In the past if there were data or order issues (“exceptions”) we reported them back to the customer. He made the necessary corrections and where necessary re-submitted the data. This could delay deliveries.

Our online check software, PCB Visualizer, has significantly reduced the number of exceptions but in April we introduced a new way to handle the remaining data or order issues.

Now our engineers use their know-how to make the most logical correction to the order or the data. The production-ready job goes into the customer’s pre-production approval (PPA) folder. He gets our email and needs only 1 click to send the job on for manufacture. Nearly 90% of jobs are authorised right away and go straight into production. No delays – and the customer doesn’t have to spend time making the corrections – a win-win result: the right board on the right day with minimum disruption to the designer.

See our video.

Equipment upgrades: faster, healthier, more reliable soldering

In November 2010 we launched the eC-stencil-mate printer and eC-reflow-mate reflow oven.

Our customers had told us that they needed high-quality reflow for their SMDs, but couldn’t find acceptable equipment at a price suited to prototype assembly.

To date we have shipped more than 850 units.

New products deliver an integrated reflow solution

Faster and more reliable soldering.

  • New accessories include the eC-PCB-holder to load several small PCBs for a single reflow run
  • Users report that our prototype-specific consumables (solder-paste, stencil wipes etc.) ensure faster and more reliable soldering.

Healthier soldering. For users who don’t have existing fume extraction we now offer.

  • eC-reflow-mate hood. Clips onto the eC-reflow-mate oven V3 and ducts away soldering fumes when the oven door opens after reflow. Use it with your own extractor or the eC-fumecube. More.
  • eC-fumecube. We have selected a compact, high specification third-party fume extraction system that is quick and easy to install and quiet in operation. Add the eC-armkit to use the same unit when hand-soldering.

Safer and more reliable hand-soldering.

  • eC-pre-heater. Quickly increases the temperature of your PCB to allow a smoother and easier hand soldering/de-soldering of critical components without damaging the components or the PCB. Full specification.

For more information, see the Soldering update BLOG.

Open all summer

Project deadlines don’t take a summer break; neither do we. All Eurocircuits services are available throughout the summer. More

First half results

More records broken. In the first half of 2015 we delivered over 47,000 orders to more than 7500 customers, up 19% on the same period last year. Thank you to all our customers who have trusted us with their orders for prototype and small batch PCBs.

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