New home page – better access to information and services – faster quotations

We are constantly striving to make our website more informative and easier to navigate with more powerful functionality

We have already streamlined the pricing and ordering procedures with built-in design-optimisation and data-checking tools to help you design lower-cost PCBs and avoid delivery delays due to data issues.

Now we have updated the home page.

BINDI pool

  • Need medium-volume 4 layer multilayers up to 25m2? With Eurocircuits assured quality? At lower cost? On a 15 working day delivery? Go to our extended BINDI pool service. See here for full specifications.
  • UL marking can be added to all boards at no extra cost.

EAGLE CAD – new software, new licences, new upgrade options, new user guides

  • 7.4 released 1 September 2015. See our BLOG for new features and special pricings.
  • New rental licences: EAGLE Make Pro and EAGLE Make Personal – flexibility and functionality for start-up designers. See BLOG.
  • Discounted upgrades from EAGLE V. 5 & V.6. Calculate the cost for your upgrade here.

EAGLE CAD – new User Guides

We have published the first 2 in a planned series of User Guides for new and advanced EAGLE users:

PCB Visualizer online tools – new User Guides

Over the next 2 – 3 months we will release a series of User Guides for our design-optimisation, data-checking and order preparation tools. Each will include a step by step guide and a short video showing how to the get the best out of the tool. Watch out for an introductory email in the next 3 -4 weeks with a link to the first User Guide and an opt-in option so you receive an email link to each new Guide as it is released.

Open all summer

“Project deadlines don’t take a summer break; neither do we.” During the July – August holiday season we processed more than 14,500 orders for some 4,250 customers, up 20% on 2014

Technical blogs

Some recent highlights:

Interesting to read:

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