New for October 2014:

  • new options for BINDI pool medium-volume PCB pooling service
  • eC-test-mate – fixtureless test equipment for assembled PCBs
  • eC-pre-heater for easier hand-soldering and de-soldering

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BINDI pool – Eurocircuits’ Asian alternative with European assured quality

New options:

  • electroless gold over nickel (ENIG) finish
  • more soldermask colours: blue and black
  • 12 working day delivery

BINDI pool is our dedicated service for medium-volume 2-layer PCBs.

Your PCBs are produced using the same materials, technologies and quality standards as our prototype/small-batch plants in Germany and Hungary, but you get the cost-benefits of manufacture in our purpose-build medium-volume factory in India, Eurocircuits India Ltd.

BINDI pool is accessed with the same smart menus as all Eurocircuits services. Use all our visualisation, data analysis and production data preparation tools to ensure that your BINDI pool boards are correct to your intentions with no hidden production issues to delay delivery. Our full online chat and offline email support services are available whenever you need them. Your boards are shipped from our factory in Germany at European shipping rates and with no customs delays within the EU.

Check out service specifications . Access BINDI pool smart menu.

eC-test-mate – affordable testing for small-batch assembled PCBs

eC-test-mate provides a cost-effective solution for testing prototype and small-batch assembled PCBs without the need for expensive test-fixtures.

It comprises a docking station and 3 ergonomic test-heads, each with integrated hardware for a specific range of tests. Together they offer comprehensive functional testing, programmed with eC-my-test software, a powerful scripting language using standard test commands.

Watch our movie here .

You can see eC-test-mate in action at our upcoming events . It will be available to order after Electronica in November 2014.


Use the eC-pre-heater to quickly boost the temperature of your PCB to give smoother and easier hand-soldering and de-soldering of critical components.

The eC-pre-heater is easy to program with adjustable temperature profiles to suit particular boards and components. Its slim-line profile, ergonomic design and insulated casing make it particularly comfortable and convenient to use.

Watch our movie here .

You can see the eC-pre-heater in action at our upcoming events . It will be available to order after Electronica in November 2014.

Technical blogs

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We have an on-going program of technical papers, but if there are particular topics on which you would like us to produce a blog or white paper, please email your usual sales contact or