A new presentation from Eurocircuits can help you optimise your PCB layout workflow.

Optimising your PCB layout workflow

1. Use our smart menus to optimise your PCB design parameters at any stage, even before you start the layout (no data is needed).

  • Choose from 700+ pre-defined multilayer builds
  • Validate your choice of PCB options (board and copper thickness, track/isolation widths, surface finish, etc.). The smart menus will automatically check them for manufacturability and cost, explain any issues and flag up lower cost alternatives.

2. Use PCB Configurator to view and check your data-set before you submit your order. Fix any data issues found which could delay production.

3. Use PCB Visualizer tools to complete production tasks not suited to CAD systems

To see the full presentation, click here.

For more hints and tips see our “How to …” video: Optimising your PCB layout workflow.

Open all summer

All Eurocircuits’ services will be available throughout the summer without interruption.

Technical blogs

We have published over 100 technical blogs during the last 2 years. Here are some recent highlights.

PCB Technology:

Copper and the board edge : what are “copper up to board edge”, “plated holes on board edge” (also called “castellated holes/boards”), and “round-edge plating” plus how to specify and order them

Slots and Cut-outs : how to specify and order slots and cut-outs clearly and safely

Tolerances on PCBs : use these standard tolerances to keep board costs down

RF pool – insight and details : new RF materials and builds in our updated RF pooling service

Blind and buried vias : what are they and how do you specify and order them

What is the smallest distance allowed between two holes?

How often can you raise a Eurocircuits PCB to lead-free soldering temperatures?

PCB Visualizer: interactive online PCB data solutions

Panel editor : how to design a custom delivery panel, or view Eurocircuits panels before ordering (plus “How to ..” videos)

Marking editor : how to add custom marking (special text, specific locations etc.) to your PCB (plus “How to ..” video)

Buildup wizard and Layer editor updated : how to select optimum multilayer build, add blind/buried vias, confirm/modify layer assignments

Your PCB Visualizer questions answered : the questions users ask most often.

All about Gerber and data

Standard Gerber declared obsolete : Extended Gerber is now almost universally used: it’s faster, safer – and fully compatible with PCB Visualizer

Gerber past, present and future : where the format has come from and where it’s going to.

Extended Gerber extended – Gerber X2 : new Gerber attributes will make design to fabrication transfer faster, safer and easier

Front-end data preparation white paper : what we do with your data before we make your PCB

All about quality of our PCBs

How do we assure the quality of your PCB Part 1 : in-process checks

How do we assure the quality of your PCB Part 2 : final inspection checks

RoHS and lead-free compliance : all our boards are compliant.

Conflict minerals : we do not use conflict minerals

Environment and REACH regulation : our environmental policy

Ordering PCBs

Pre-production approval : how to view and confirm our production-ready data before we start manufacturing your PCBs

New timeline order tracker : see clearly where your order is, whether you can make any changes and when it will be shipped

BINDI pool : our new service from our newly-opened factory in India gives Asian prices with European quality

PCB Services : overview of our PCB order-pooling services and how to use them

Soldering technology

New generation eC-reflow-mate reflow oven : better soldering control and more comfortable operation

Through-hole component soldering using our eC-reflow-mate : pin in paste technology

We have an on-going program of technical papers, but if there are particular topics on which you would like us to produce a blog, please email your usual sales contact or euro@eurocircuits.com.