SEMI-FLEX pool offers cost-effective 4 layer, flex-to-install PCBs. Instead of two PCBs joined by connectors or cables, design a single SEMI-FLEX PCB and bend the flexible section at installation. Our 4-layer SEMI-FLEX PCBs use a 100 micron FR4 central core with two copper layers specially treated to flex during assembly without risk of cracking. More

  • Lower product costs (no connectors, no cables, less assembly time, no expensive polyimides),
  • Faster assembly
  • Increased product reliability (fewer joints)

NAKED proto

A new service for engineers who want a fast 2 layer proof-of-concept board that they can modify on the bench with wire-links or cut tracks. More

  • No soldermask and no silkscreen
  • Delivery from 1 day
  • Price up to 50% lower than fully finished boards on our PCB proto service
  • 1, 2 or 5 pieces
  • Ideal for student and hobbyist projects.

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