New website upgrades from Eurocircuits deliver new PCB analysis tools for fabrication and assembly, and more convenient menus to help hard-pressed PCB designers get their projects to market on time and on budget.

1. PCB Visualizer has more functionality for board fabrication and assembly plus new screen layouts to make it faster and easier to use.

2. New Order tracking timeline provides a detailed step by step report on the progress of your order.

PCB Visualizer – new functionality

Over the next few months we will launch new value-adding tools for PCB Visualizer. These will make ordering faster and more secure, improve the quality of the finished PCB, and provide important information for more reliable assembly. Today we add:

  1. Solder-paste area calculation: calculate the exact amount of solder-paste required for your job.
  2. Fiducial finder : locates unconnected pads not covered by soldermask. Select from them if you need fiducials during assembly but there are none provided in the design.

PCB Visualizer – smarter screen layout

1. PCB Checker and PCB Visualizer menus merged.

When PCB Visualizer has completed its Design Rule Check (DRC) the results are displayed directly in PCB Checker, so that you can locate errors immediately without the need to swap menus.

2. PCB Checker DRC and Design for Manufacturability separated.

Many of the new PCB Visualizer functions are designed to improve the manufacturability and robustness of the PCB or to increase the reliability of the assembly process. For clarity we will group them in PCB Checker in a separate menu for Design for Manufacturability (DFM).

3. Single smart screen for Buildup wizard and Layer editor.

Layer assignment, build selection and blind/buried via definition are interlocked operations. To avoid the need to swap screens we have put them onto a
single page. The smart menus with built-in checks ensure that all layers are correctly assigned and that the blind/buried vias selected can be manufactured
[link to new blog]. Choose from more than 700 pre-defined multilayer builds.

Order tracking timeline.

Click on order status column to find where your order is in the process workflow, what we are doing to it, whether you can make any changes, and when it will be shipped, plus links to all associated documentation from order confirmation through shipping to invoice.

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