Dear Eurocircuits,

We want to inform you about our participation in this year’s Formula Student competitions.

We compete in the Formula Student competitions against teams across the globe with our own electric race car.

Every year we start from scratch with just one goal: “To win the Formula Student competition”.

This year we are building towards the “DUT17” with a team of over 70 motivated students.

Every PCB that you find in our car is design by us. This allows us to adjust the functionalities of the system to our needs.

We strive to keep our electronics as modular as possible a good example of which is the Sensornode.

The Sensornode is a very small four layer PCB that can measure temperature, rotation, acceleration and the rotation of a coupled magnet.

Two additional ADCs are used to convert analog sensors in the car to digital values that are transmitted over the CAN network.

This saves us weight in wiring and helps integrating our electric systems with the mechanical systems.


Since our team starts out inexperienced, we rely heavily on our partners.

The online tools from Eurocircuits, PCB Visualizer and PCBA Visualizer, help us to check for possible errors in production by highlighting DRC/DFM issues in the board and the assembly even before we order anything, thus not spending money on faulty boards.

We always use these tools as a final check before the PCB is send out for production.

Picture delft

Eurocircuits produced the PCBs and delivered them in the required customer panel format to our assembly partner.

Many thanks and hope to work with you on future occasions.

Best regards,

Oscar de Groot

Electronics Chief of the Formula Student Team Delft

DUT Racing TeamUniversity of Delft, Stevinweg 1, 2628 CN Delft, The Netherlands, email: