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At InMotion, we are currently working hard on assembling and testing our fast-charging electric LMP3 car. This car will be able to fully charge in under 10 minutes and in the future, we are going to improve our technology until we can charge as fast as a petrol car can be refuelled. Our uECU’s (pronounced as Micro-ECU and manufactured by Eurocircuits) are very critical when it comes to testing.



A while ago I wrote a blog about a prototype uECU that is responsible for sensor data acquisition. This circuit board has been provided with connectors so all types of sensors can be connected to it. Examples of these sensors are: cooling system temperature and pressure, brake disk temperature, and all types of buttons and digital inputs.
We are currently testing the car’s battery pack cooling. In this case, we use the uECU to gain temperature and pressure data from the sensors of the system. We can connect the sensors to the uECU and the circuit board will convert, filter, and compile the data in a CAN-bus message. CAN-bus is a communication bus protocol that is used a lot in the automotive industry. With these CAN-messages including the sensor data, the main board computer can make use of these sensor data.



Because we were able to make a quick prototype at Eurocircuits, the uECU’s can work as is required. The first prototype had some issues, after which we made some changes and finally ordered 8 PCBs which we use for testing and eventually will be used for racing.

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