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Linköping Formula Students Collaboration with Eurocircuits

As electronics becomes more and more prevalent in race cars, the Linköping University Formula Student team steps up to the challenge.

In the electronics department we constantly strive to develop electronic systems, to modernise our car, and to push our performance on the track.

Eurocircuits has been a vital partner in this journey, and thanks to their generous policy of supporting student projects, we have come a long way.

With the help of Eurocircuits we have been able to produce the BSPD device that is required to run an electronic throttle on the car. The BSPD is a safety device that can kill the engine and fuel pump if the electronic throttle were to fail. The PCB checks and compares the sensor values from the accelerator paddle, electronic throttle and brake pressure, to make sure that the driver’s inputs are being properly translated into action by the car.

BSPD Board
The BSPD we made using Eurocircuits

We also developed a PCB as an extension to our logger, enabling the functionality of receiving CAN messages and streaming sensor data live from the car. The logging system consists of an Arduino Due micro-controller with the PCB extension connected directly to the Arduino Due board. This PCB consists of hardware components that the software in the Arduino can use to receive and interpret sensor signals from the car, save data locally and send data wirelessly. The sensor signals are received as CAN messages and analogue signals, where the CAN messages are converted on the PCB by a CAN interpreter and a CAN controller to serial signals readable by the Arduino board. It also has a holder for a micro-SD card for saving telemetry logs locally and a mounted Xbee module for sending telemetry wirelessly to a laptop for data visualization in real-time.

The Logger PCBThe Logger Extension PCB
The LoggerThe Logger Extension

For the next project year, our plan is to continue developing our electronic capabilities. We will produce more BSPDs, as well as PCBs for the logger and dash screen. Our partnership with Eurocircuits is key for this development and we are very grateful for their cooperation and continued support of Formula Student.

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Johannes Wenngren
Team Leader Electronics
LiU Formula Student


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