Let’s throw some figures at you:

PCB services






+/- 10.000

+/- 93.000

+/- 19.250.000


+/- 9.000

+/- 77.500

+/- 16.600.000


+/- 8.000

+/- 69.500

+/- 15.500.000


+/- 6.900

+/- 63.000

+/- 15.000.000

All sales figures are in € and exclude transport costs and taxes.

Eurocircuits has shown a consistent growth in customers and orders over the last 2 decades. 2015 has been another successful year with a consolidated turnover including PCB services, eC-equipment and consumables exceeding 20 million Euro. This growth allows us to continue to develop new products and services for our customers. We will continue to invest in new equipment and new processes to keep you at the cutting edge of PCB technology, and to provide more of the tools that will help you deliver your products to market on time and on budget.

2016 will see another leap forward in PCB services, in PCB software tools and in eC-equipment. These are described in our “Looking forward in 2016” BLOG. Here let’s summarize what was new in 2015.

First the services:

  1. NAKED proto. We introduced this “true” prototype service to lower costs and to respond to the demand for prototypes without soldermask.
    NAKED proto – insight and details
  2. SEMI-FLEX pool. To answer the demand for FLEX-TO-INSTALL prototypes and small series.
    SEMI-FLEX pool – insight and details
  3. New options for Chemical Nickel-Gold Surface finish.
    Che Ni/Au finish extended
  4. More options added for BINDI pool
    BINDI pool extended announced in our news letter

New software tools

to help designers cut costs, save time in safely ordering their PCBs and tailor their design data for particular orders:

  1. Focus on PCB Visualizer core engine. We foucussed on speed and respons times of the system as well rebuilding the core to handle vector data.
    1. 2015 we processed 335.000,- PCB data sets with an average system repons time of 139 seconds thus bringing a full analyses and visualisation of your board on screen within 3 minutes average (We do see peek moments in the morning and around 16H00 and the processing time for a 2-layer board is not the same as for a 12-layer board, actual experiences may vary from the average based upon these circumstances.).
    2. By autumn 2015 we succeeded in turning the system into a real vector based system which builds the fundament for many new applications. Points 2 and 3 are examples of that.
  2. New Auto-Repair function in PCB Visualizer. Intelligent DRC rules repair Annular Rings that are too small to manufacture.
    New Auto-repair function in PCB Visualizer
  3. Outline/Milling Editor. Use the Outline/Milling Editor to correct the board outline where the outline (profile) data is missing, incomplete, incorrect or duplicated (two outlines found).
    Outline/Milling Editor – PCB Solver tool updated
  4. We updated our Pre-Production Approval functionality to handle DATA issues. This new way of handling data issues reduced the number of real exceptions that stopped the processing of data, no matter how briefly, by a factor 6 to 4% of all data sets.
    Watch our movie.
  5. New website. We renewed our website to better serve the need of the electronics design engineers offering clearer information and tools.

New equipment

expanding our PCB assembling and soldering aids:

  1. eC-placer. To manually assist and aid with accurate and fast population of components to your PCB prototype.
  2. eC-fume-cube. An efficient and silent fume extraction system to complement our eC-reflow-mate-hood.


We organized a series of workshops on prototype soldering and on working with the EAGLE CAD system. Many of our customers upgraded their EAGLE systems in the summer when CadSoft released a major new version. If you would like to join a workshop, contact your local sales team or email euro@eurocircuits.com.

Based on this experience we have introduced a series of BLOGs about layout and EAGLE which you can find here.

Investments in ICT, plant and equipment:

We re-invested more than €2.5 million during 2015 in R&D and new equipment including:

    1. Extra software licenses to boost the capacity and speed of our website, so that we can provide a better access experience to more customers at the same time.
    2. PCB Visualizer development. Each year we spend over 300k Euro in further development of our online tools because we believe in tools that make ordering faster and more efficient.
    3. eC-placer development.
    4. Digital legend inkjet printers.

      We acquired 2 new Orbotech sprint 120 inkjet printers and upgraded our old one”s to this latest technology.

    5. New solder mask spray coaters in our Eger plant.
    6. New drilling, routing and V-cut machines.
    7. New schmoll machines were added to our machine park bringing especially routing and V-cut up to the latest high standards.An extra plasma etching machine, AOI, laboratory equipment etc… complete the list of 2015 installed machines.