Eurocircuits has shown a consistent growth in customers and orders over the last 2 decades.

2017 has been another successful year with a consolidated turnover including PCB services, PCBA services, eC-equipment and consumables totalling to around 23,5 million Euro.

This growth allows us to continue to develop new products and services for our customers. We will continue to invest in new services and new processes to keep you at the cutting edge of PCB technology, and to provide more of the tools that will help you deliver your products to market on time and on budget.

2018 will see another leap forward in PCB services and in PCB software tools.

Here let’s summarize what was new in 2017.

PCBA Visualizer Logo

PCB services

2017+/- 11.700+/- 107.000+/- 22.500.000
2016+/- 11.000+/- 100.000+/- 20.900.000
2015+/- 10.000+/- 93.000+/- 19.250.000
2014+/- 9.000+/- 77.500+/- 16.600.000
2013+/- 8.000+/- 69.500+/- 15.500.000
2012+/- 6.900+/- 63.000+/- 15.000.000

All sales figures are in € and exclude transport costs and taxes.

Eurocircuits presents PCB Assembly Visualizer

Your designs are electronic applications, which you would like to build. Our goal is to help you to do this, right first time.

Virtually simulating the production, allows us both to examine future results before we physically build anything thus saving time and money.

Eurocircuits TIPS & TRICKS – PCBA Visualizer

3 months after launching PCBA Visualizer beta testing phase, we shared our experiences and some tips & tricks how to use our tool efficiently. In those 3 months we processed about 5 jobs per day for various customers which has given us the necessary info to start building a professional verified component data base and improving the tools to complete your BoM and CPL analyses. We compiled our message in a video.

Eurocircuits launch 5 working day PCB Assembly prototype service in the UK

The final extension of the PCBA Visualizer tool is of course the efficient and smooth production of assembled prototypes.

To test this flow we have launched it in the UK market which was our pilot market.

Eurocircuits’ PCBA Services – resistors and capacitors for free!

At Eurocircuits we constantly aspire to lead the market and surpass our customer expectations by offering the ultimate electronics service. After importing your BOM, we crosscheck your selected manufacturers part number for every resistor or capacitor line against our equivalent generic alternative list and where we are able to find a match then we offer that part for free!!


Direct Imaging of the soldermask improves board quality

Every year Eurocircuits makes significant investments in its production plants to upgrade efficiency but also and even more important to upgrade the quality and reliability of the final product we deliver.

One of these fields of investment is the soldermask department. Smaller and more complex component packages put tolerances of the soldermask towards SMD solder lands under pressure.

The answer here is direct imaging of the soldermask to allow for smaller tolerances and better registration. This results into an improvement of efficiency in the PCB Assembly.

End of 2017, all our production plants exposed the green, black, blue and red soldermask with direct imaging.

Eurocircuits releases eC-reflow-mate V4 Picture2

At Eurocircuits we are continuously working hard to bring Services, tools and equipment to the Electronics design market to provide for the prototype and small series electronics market.

With this in mind, Eurocircuits was very pleased to launch the long awaited eC-reflow-mate V4, the successor to our very popular Bench top reflow oven.

We have redesigned the eC-reflow-mate and the eC-reflow-pilot software based on feedback from our customers to provide the most professional Bench-top reflow oven on the market.

We organised customer seminars:

We supported students with their school projects!

Drill & Slot editor – a free new PCB Visualizer tool.

October 10, 2017

Drill & Slot editor is the newest of the PCB Visualizer tools. It will bring clarity about information that got lost in transferring data from CAD to CAM. Information about:

  • drill diameters
  • slot definitions
  • whether a drill hole is a via hole or component hole
  • whether a drill hole or slot is plated or none plated
  • and so on

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