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2019 was a Challenging Year

Our goal at Eurocircuits has always been to Manufacture and Assemble Prototypes & Small Series PCBs in Europe with Easy Online Ordering and Fast Delivery. But that’s not all, we also want to deliver high quality products with outstanding delivery performance and for sure this was challenging.

We pride ourselves on achieving this year on year. This would not be possible without our team of 420 enthusiastic employees who all strive for excellence every single day.

By anticipating the needs of our customers, we have been gearing up for ever faster deliveries to help them to maximise their products potential.

Preparation for this started back in the spring of 2018 when we internally reduced all delivery terms for our PCB production by 2WD where possible to test if shortening the delivery term would actually work. So, the 8 to 9 months of preparing the step forward resulted in an extraordinary delivery performance in 2018 where, boards were very often delivered early to the customer.

At the same time, we experienced a huge growth of 250% in our Prototype Assembly service. This then inspired us to bring forward our investment plans and make a huge investment in 2019 of around 5M€ putting Eurocircuits firmly on the European map offering PCB Prototypes & Small Series, Manufactured and Assembled in-house. Fast, Easy and 24/7.

Based on the above we made some extraordinary decisions in 2019.

  • End of January we brought the standard delivery term for PCB Proto down from 7WD to 5WD.
  • In May we shortened the PCB Proto standard delivery to 3WD and coupled it with a 3WD assembly service known as 3+3.
  • Mid-June we reduced the overall standard delivery term of 7WD to 5WD and this affects all services except non-pooling.
  • End of June we launched the DEFINED IMPEDANCE service as a new pool with special builds for a specific impedance.
  • In Q4 we installed the 5M€ of investments in PCB production, the lump sum of which was in assembly.
  • In 2019 we supported these challenges by expanding our workforce to +/-420 staff.

So, in 2019 our delivery terms were drastically reduced offering our customers faster services at better prices.

Our investment in assembly means we can now handle the growing demand and have the capacity for over 100 orders per day. Our investment in PCB allows us to follow this trend.

Today the Eurocircuits Group has around 420 team members achieving a 28M€ TO from almost 12.000 professional customers ordering more than 100.000 orders.

We are there for you with our guidance, free online tools, extensive services and online support through our teams spread locally throughout Europe.

Let’s make 2020 work for us both.

The Eurocircuits Team

Impressions from our Annual Sales Meeting

The video below will show you Impressions from our annual sales meeting. This is where we reviewed the past year (2019), set the budget for 2020, made plans for the future and were able to see the 5M€ of investments we made in 2019 in action.