2018 will see another leap forward in PCB services, PCB Visualizer tools, PCBA services, PCBA Visualizer tools, investments in PCB and PCBA equipment and extra colleagues.

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PCBA Visualizer Logo

PCBA Visualizer was the main development topic of last year and will remain our main topic for this year. The eC-verified component date base is growing rapidly, our tools: BOM-editor and CPL-editor are maturing and the whole process becomes more smooth and easy to handle. This makes PCBA Visualizer the tool for electronic developers for doing a full DFM of their populated board, online, before order and totally free of cost.

PCBA Services Logo

It is impossible to mature the PCBA Visualizer without actually doing the assembly as well thus learning to avoid all the pitfalls of the entire business flow. We started offering our PCBA Services to the UK market, which became our beta test market. After 6 months of learning we are ready to take this to other markets as well. It is impossible to make all the PCBA prototypes and small series in Europe. That is why we have a plan. Read about it here!

PCB Visualizer Logo

We will continu to develop tools for our PCB Visualizer. After our last development of the drill & Slot editor we are now heavily into the development of the solder paste editor. We believe this will upgrade the quality of PCB prototype and small series assemblies as stencils will be better adapted to the job.

PCB Services Logo

PCB Services and specially our pooling services are our daily business. However there is still margin for improvement in our offer which is already the most extensive pooling offer in Europe. We are constantly looking to fine tune our technological parameters of each service as we are looking into new PCB pooling services.

eurocircuits tv presents – smart tool seminars

PCB  and PCBA Visualizer have grown to a level that extra guidance and training is needed to fully benefit of all of their features. We have started to work on a series of educational video, seminars we call them, which explain our smart tools in greater details. By using eurocircuits.tv as video channel we have the opportunity to make the videos interactive and more user friendly to watch through.

Eurocircuits continues to invest in her factories

For many years now we have invested the biggest part of our profit in our factories to keep up with the new technologies for board manufacturing. 2018 is our 27th year of existence, the 25th year we run our factory in Eger Hungary, the 10th year we run our facility in Baesweiler Germany and the 19th year of our operation in India. This year we will see another +/- 4M€ of investment.

We continue to organise customer seminars:

  • PCB and PCBA Visualizer
  • KiCAD
  • High Speed Routing
  • Etc …

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