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A fortnight ago we looked back at a successful 2020 and with the same enthusiasm we now look forward to 2021.

Planned Investments of 7M€

This year we will continue to invest in our infrastructure and equipment in order to expand and upgrade our technical capabilities, and to maintain the high-quality and delivery-performance record our customers expect. These investments also reflect our commitment to, and support of, responsible and sustainable working and living in our European habitat.


New Staff Facilities Building with changing rooms, showers, café/restaurant etc.

Eger Factory, Hungary – 5M€

  • PCB manufacturing – 2.7M€.
  • Assembly manufacturing – 0.4M€.
  • Sustainability – 1.9M€.
    • New Staff Facilities Building with upgraded ergonomics and health measures.
    • New wastewater facility.
    • Upgrade of the 2004 building’s insulation, heating and cooling.
    • 191kWp Solar Energy Production.

Aachen Factory, Germany – 1.5M€

  • PCB manufacturing – 0.9M€.
  • Assembly manufacturing – 0.3M€.
  • Sustainability – 0.3M€.
    • New wastewater facility.
    • 100kWp Solar Energy Production.

Software Development – 0.5M€

  • Visualizer – ongoing development.
  • Component Parts Library.
  • Communication Tools.
  • E-invoicing to automate bookings.

Sustainability Project

  • Use of renewable energy (electricity).
  • Reduction of water consumption.
  • ‘Zero waste’ production.
  • Reduction of air pollution.
  • Carbon neutral shipments.
  • Reduction of energy usage.

We believe that we need to do this to give us a competitive edge against non-European competition but above all because we feel it ensures the future of our Europe and because doing the right thing creates good positive vibes.


Existing electrical and heat exchange solar panels on our 2016 inaugurated building in Eger, Hungary.

About Eurocircuits?

Eurocircuits is a leading European Manufacturer and Assembler of Prototype and Small series PCBs in our own facilities in Hungary and Germany. We offer quick-turnaround cost-effective PCB manufacturing and assembly services with excellent on-time delivery performance record. All services are materialised in line with the European high sustainability standards. Our Fast & Easy online ordering and virtual manufacturing lets you check your designs before you order and so helps you be On Time and On Budget for your projects. Our goal is to help our customers achieve ‘Right First Time for Manufacture’ whether it is a prototype or a small series.

One Final Thing

In May 2021 Eurocircuits will celebrate 30 years as a European PCB Manufacturer! We are proud to have achieved this milestone and to have grown our business, capacity, and capabilities to where we are today. And for this we would like to say Thank You for all your support over the past 30 years.

Let’s have a great 2021!!!

The Eurocircuits Team

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