From zero to European Reference in our market in 25 years.

Starting with a telephone, fax and a PC, Eurocircuits grew in 25 years to an international group with 3 modern factories, over 200 employees and more than 10.000 customers trusting us yearly with around 100.000 orders. A story that will be celebrated a few times this year.

Currently Eurocircuits is the European reference for PCB prototypes and small series. “Everything we sell, we make” we don’t sell other peoples’ product, giving us complete control from start to finish offering what is known in the market as standard technology, hence no laser drilled holes. Eurocircuits specialises in order pooling which brings the price down for prototypes and small series. The offered pallet of technological possibilities is one of the largest in the market.

The entire Eurocircuits service spectrum is available for consulting and ordering on line. Our website is a free to use library of PCB issues and every customer account contains a large number of free to use tools that help electronics designers prepare their layout data for error-free ordering or even offer them editing tools that may not have been available in their CAD package.

“Whatever you do yourself, you do best” is one of Eurocircuits mottos. Next to the production of the PCBs we also program our own software packages. Our online administration, front end web interface as well as the back office support, is created by Eurocircuits. Therefore, ICT investments form an important chunk of our yearly budget.

23rd of May is the red letter day for Eurocircuits NV. We will celebrate this in Hungary and at the same time inaugurate our new second building of Eurocircuits kft, we will report of this later.

For now, we pledge our continued commitment to our customers and prospects for the next 25 years.