Big projects require a strong team. Together with around 60 active members and numerous alumni, it is possible to put technically advanced prototypes on four wheels thanks to close cooperation with Munich University of Applied Sciences and our sponsors.


Review 2021 season

In the 2021 season, our team designed and manufactured – as usual – two self-developed vehicles – the PWeX.20 and our autonomously driving vehicle the PWd4.20.

The tenth e-vehicle, the PWeX.20, is an important milestone in the club’s history for our team.

The vehicle started its concept phase already during the 2019 season. After the 2020 races fell through due to the pandemic and the production of the racing cars stalled due to building closures, it was a special moment to finally present the vehicles to the public.

In the PWeX.20, for the first time, self-developed power electronics were installed in combination with self-designed wheel hub motors, which drastically reduced the installation space and weight.
Due to the change to a significantly smaller wheel-tyre combination, our team had to adapt the entire chassis to new conditions. This should result not only in driving dynamic advantages, but also in an overall improved handling, so that drivers can steer the vehicle more easily and in a more controlled manner through pilonage courses.

To ensure that the circuit boards meet our extreme requirements for safety and performance, we source them from Eurocircuits.
The extraordinarily high quality enables us to use optimised circuit boards in the high-voltage and low-voltage range in our vehicle without hesitation.


Outlook for the 2022 season

In 2022 there will be a combination of a driverless and an electric vehicle for the first time. We will focus on improving the environment recognition and optimising the software as well as the driving performance of our new PWx1.22 vehicle.


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