Online DRC and DFM tools to help get your designs to market on time and on budget

At TEC Warsaw we will launch two new PCB prototype services:


SEMI-FLEX pool offers cost-effective 4 layer, flex-to-install PCBs. Instead of two PCBs joined by connectors or cables, design a single SEMI-FLEX PCB and bend the flexible section at installation. Eurocircuits” 4-layerSEMI-FLEX PCBs use a 100 micron FR4 core with two specially treated copper layers, designed for bending during assembly but not for dynamic flexing. You get lower product costs (no connectors, no cables, less assembly time, no expensive polyimides), faster assembly and increased product reliability. Samples and technical specs will be available on Eurocircuits stand #6 -7. The service will be available on the Eurocircuits website with full technical back-up from the beginning of May 2015.

NAKED proto

A new service aimed at engineers who want a fast proof-of-concept board that they can modify on the bench with wire-links or cut tracks. NAKED proto boards are supplied with no soldermask and no silkscreen on deliveries from 1 day and at almost half the cost of fully finished PCBs. Students and hobbyists can also benefit from the low prices and short deliveries from a reliable European supplier. Prices will be available at TEC – and on our website.

Online DRC and Design for Manufacturability tools – share our knowledge

Hard-pressed designers don’t have the time to understand every aspect of PCB fabrication that affects the cost and delivery of their PCB. Our online DRC and DFM tools give you practical access to our PCB knowledge from the very start of the design process. Smart menus validate your design parameters and guide you towards the most cost-effective choice. Our PCB Visualizer range of tools check your data before you place your order. That way you are sure that there are no data issues which will delay delivery. Our forthcoming PRE-CAM software will show you exactly how we will make your board, so that you can approve everything before we start production. Dirk Stans, Eurocircuits’ Sales Director, will present a seminar on how to use these tools to optimise your PCB design process and get your design to market on time and on budget. And he will be on Eurocircuits stand #6 – 7 all day to demonstrate the tools.

Forthcoming developments: eC-placer

For a long time our customers asked us for cost-effective precision assembly and test equipment suitable for prototype PCBs. In response, we developed the eC-stencil-mate solder-paste printer, the eC-reflow-mate reflow oven and the eC-test-mate for functional testing without expensive test-fixtures. In June we will fill a gap in the range with the launch of the eC-placer, a precision guided manual assembly table, using either camera or copy-paste technology for high-accuracy placement. Visit our stand for more on all our equipment.

Visit our stand #6 – 7 at the Conference. You will need to register as a visitor beforehand. You can do that here. Please mention Eurocircuits while registering.

For more information on any of the products email