In this Update:

  • New products for 2015
  • 2014 – another record year
  • Continuity of supply – we don’t buy from China

New products for 2015

Throughout 2015 we will roll-out new tools to ensure that your boards are fabricated and assembled faster and more reliably.

  1. New pre- and post-order visualisation tools:
    • See the expected results of routine data preparation (soldermask adjustment, silkscreen clipping, …)before you order
    • Choose from online solutions to any production issues detected by our validation tools (pre-order) or by our engineers (post-order)
  2. Design for Assembly tools:
    • Edit solder-paste pads to optimise paste deposition
    • Detect potential soldering issues (solder escape, solder bridging, …)
  3. 3D verification tools:
    • Generate 3D images of the assembled PCB
    • Generate 3D vector files for mechanical CAD systems to confirm that the assembled board will fit in its housing

Plus new services

  1. Schematics to PCB: producing PCBs starting from digitally supplied schematics and BOM
  2. SEMI-FLEX pool: multilayer PCBs which can be bent to fit into complex spaces.
  3. High definition soldermask: our new direct-imaging system allows tighter tolerance soldermasks for more reliable assembly of QFNs, BGAs…
For more information, see our BLOG: Looking forward at 2015. Which of the new products will be most useful for you? Use the Survey form in the BLOG to tell us. We’ll use the results to prioritise the roll-out.

2014 – a record year

2014 was a record year for sales, orders and the number of active customers. This allowed us to re-invest €1.5 million during 2014 in new equipment and new products to keep our customers at the cutting edge of PCB technology.

New services in 2014.
  1. RF pool: upgraded to provide a lower-cost solution for RF prototypes
  2. New order time-line: for easier order tracking
  3. Pre-production approval: for a final check on manufacturing data
  4. PCB PIXture: make your PCBs stand out from the crowd
New software tools.
  1. Build wizard updated: pick the most cost-effective multilayer build.
  2. Marking editor: add order-specific text exactly where you want it on the PCB.
  3. Panel Editor: design on screen the panel you need for assembly.
New eC-equipment.
  1. eC-test-mate: fixtureless testing for assembled PCBs
  2. eC-pre-heater: for faster and more reliable hand-soldering of critical components.

For more information, see our BLOG Looking back at 2014.

Continuity of supply

All our boards are produced in our own factories in Germany, Hungary and India. Don’t let your PCB supply get threatened by the Chinese New Year shut-downs (around 19 February), Contact us ( and we will be happy to keep your production flowing. Our BINDI pool service now handles orders up to 50 m2.

Technical blogs

Some recent highlights:
If you would like us to produce a blog or white paper on a particular aspect of PCB manufacturing technology, PCB soldering or EAGLE CAD, email us at