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Because our heart beats for the European electronics industry, we are involved in Working Groups, the Promotion of Young Talents and are actively involved in Electronics Community Events. It is very important for us that we share our knowledge and use it to support you. In this newsletter, we have also compiled tips and tools for designers to help you understand the connection between design and manufacturing.

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Tool of the month: impedance calculator

With our practical impedance calculator, the track widths and spacing can be easily defined. For example for a 50Ω line impedance.

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PCB manufacturing: Why copper thickness varies

The specifications for the base copper and the final copper are nominal values which may vary in accordance with the IPC-A-600 standard.

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Eurocircuits TV: Videos PCB Assembly

From January to May 2021, we shipped over 100.000 assembled PCBs for 4.114 orders to 1.507 different customers. Follow the process steps-by-step that each PCB goes through in our series of short videos.

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Bow and Twist: The part of the PCB designer

Bow and twist can sometimes have a major influence on the final quality of complex assemblies. The PCB design plays an important role in whether the board will suffer from excessive bow and twist.

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Virtual manufacturing: Simulation saves time and costs

No order starts without virtual manufacturing. We simulate the manufacturing and the assembly process of a PCB using the design data supplied.

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ISO 26000: Protecting the environment and resources

Since 2019, we have been implementing our ecological sustainability management and corporate social responsibility (CSR) ISO 26000 project. So far, we have already achieved many of our goals.

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