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Evaluating data made easy

Incorrect data can delay production. That’s why we always recommend using our Visualizer Toolbox, which we continue to improve. With the Layer Editor, our tool of the month, any necessary data corrections can be made quickly and easily.

After a 30-month we can now show Visualizer Tools personally once again. We will start in May at Advanced Engineering in Antwerp, the D&E event in Eindhoven and in June at the Embedded World, plus many other shows and events throughout Europe.

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Tool of the month: Layer Editor

The Layer Editor is one of the most powerful tools of the PCB Visualizer and allows you to view the data of each layer, measure, edit and replace data to correct errors and even create missing layers from existing data (e.g., Solder paste).

To find out more watch the video……


Virtual manufacturing: First simulate, then produce

No order starts in real production without first passing Virtual manufacturing. From the uploaded design data, we first analyse the manufacturability of the data provided and produce a graphical representation of the design. This is also an important check of the supplied data for our customers.

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See you in May: Events with Eurocircuits participation

Visit us at the Advanced Engineering in Antwerp on 11/12 May and the D&E Event on 17 May in Eindhoven and see how we can help with your prototype and small series PCB & Assembly requirements.

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Via Filling: Tips for providing the correct data

To gain PCB space, vias holes can be placed in SMT component connection pads where they are filled and capped. Filled vias can apply to all vias or individual ones depending upon your requirements.

Here are our recommendations when providing Data for Via Filling……


Edge connectors: What to consider in the design

Edge connectors are a cost-effective solution because only one socket is needed to connect two PCBs. It is important to understand the DFM requirements during the design to ensure that the plug-in contact functions reliably and can be manufactured.

Read more about the DFM requirements for Edge Connectors here……


Briefly explained: What industry standard means

Printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies are divided into three categories: 1, 2 and 3. The categories reflect the quality level, from the lowest class 1 to the highest class 3 and where Class 2 is referred to as the industrial grade.

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