Eurocircuits is organising workshops on PCB prototype assembly and soldering.

These workshops are presented by Ben Verwaest from ARCOSS and Uwe Dörr from Eurocircuits. We refer to earlier blog articles to get an impression of what is happening during these workshops.

Ben is an expert in the field of PCB assembly. He is frequently consulted by professional assembly houses for process trouble shooting.

The materials we use during the workshop sessions are selected by Ben for their quality and performance. Together with ARCOSS, Eurocircuits now offers these products in small quantities, fitting the need of electronics engineers to assemble their prototypes.

Some examples:

Solderpaste has a short shelf life, so we pack it in small 140 gr jars, more about the advantages and specifications you can find here .

To clean your stencils and printing material, we offer eC-stencil-wipes and eC-wipes.

We trust you will appreciate the quality of these products to achieve the same professional PCB soldering result as we show during our Eurocircuits workshops.