We created a new PCB Calculator, the smartest tool we ever made.

There is more then just a new calculator page :

  • There are now 4 services, defined by their base materials. All (except PCB proto) combine both poolable and non-poolable options in a single menu with clear indications which is which.
  • Our Classification table has been updated to the new services and gives more freedom (space) for your design.
  • You can calculate your prices fully manually as before. But you can also use PCB Visualizer/PCB Configurator to analyse your data and fill out automatically many of the process parameters needed for pricing.
  • Smart menus guide you to optimum manufacturability and best prices, with clear explanations on-screen.
  • Prices are presented with a matrix of alternative quantities and deliveries. You can use the standard matrix or add your own requirements.
  • Standard delivery times for orders over 50 dm² have been reduced.

Farewell to our calculate and order page that was used over 250.000 times to place an order, and welcome to the new Eurocircuits PCB Calculator, smarter, easier and faster then before