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Eurocircuits ‘PCB Design Guidelines‘ are based on our philosophy of ‘Right First Time for Manufacture‘.

Since the launch these guidelines have been continuously updated to keep them in line with the ever evolving Eurocircuits manufacturing capabilities and technologies.

Today we launch the latest revision and all new layout of these guidelines.

This brings them up to date with our manufacturing capabilities such as smaller Soldermask Annular Rings (MAR), PTH Tolerances and many more……

The ‘PCB Design Guidelines’ are free to use and thousands of customers are using them to successfully to create 100.000’s of layouts that are ‘Right First Time for Manufacture‘ and that is something we are extremely proud of.

Creating a layout in such a way has major advantages.

  • It Saves You Time
    • No issues during the preparation or manufacture of the PCBs.
    • No redesign as the PCB is manufacturable.
    • Helps you meet your Time to Market schedule.
  • It Saves You Money
    • No Redesigns.
    • No Remakes.
    • On Time Projects.
    • No Delays.

Click on the button below and take a look at the latest version of our ‘PCB Design Guidelines’.

In addition, Eurocircuits has also a philosophy of ensuring our customers are informed. Our website is full of information that is freely available and designed to help you achieve your project goals.

Visit our website and see the topics available to help achieve ‘Right First Time for Manufacture’ board layouts.

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