PCB Visualizer update:

  • For pattern classes 6 and lower, a warning instead of an error is given when the measured IAR value is between the requested IAR value and the requested OAR value. When the measured value is below the requested OAR value, an error is given. This is done because some CAD packages do not generate bigger pads for inner layers. In most cases the pads on the inner layers can be safely increased without causing isolation problems. For higher pattern classes however, the strict rules are applied because in these cases isolation distances are more strict.
  • For PCB proto service, when there is no top legend found and a bottom legend found, the order details are adapted automatically. In case no legends or a legend for top and bottom is found, a remark is given.
  • In case of single layer buildups, no error is generated if the soldermask on the non-copper side of the buildup is not found.
  • In case of single layer buildups, the ring value is now correctly calculated and shown.