PCB Visualizer – PCB Checker  update and extended functionality

  • Do not add the internally generated ImageOutline layer to the layer list. Correct the number of imported layers.

  • Do not split the drill layers in plated and unplated versions in the layer list.

  • Corrected broken help link

  • Added support for different units (mm and mil)

  • Correct translation of table headers

  • Added update link to old Eagle format import remark

  • The Visualizer tree now by default opens all items that need to be checked.

  • Improved the reporting to avoid inconsistencies due to rounding

  • Removed SMD pitch

  • Better handling of single layer jobs

  • Introduced tab pages for the different functional modules

For more information about this extended functionality, see the Eurocircuits blog : “PCB Visualizer – PCB Checker update 27-11-2012